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My name is Yoshi Nakama. I came to New York City from Japan in the summer of 1979 to study fine art, and have lived here since. NYC was the most active place in the world for contemporary art at that time. I've been fortunate enough to have met and worked for Sol LeWitt, one of the most influential artists in the fine art world. I've worked over 27 years as a fabricator for his various works, from scale models to large fiberglass structures. Through out my time working for him, I've developed many techniques that could be applied to making many things. Sol LeWitt was also known as a fountain pen lover, but I wasn't really interested in them at that time. My interest in pen making came much later.

In 2012, I bought a wood lathe to make bowls and plates, using leftover wood from my past work for personal use. One day, I received a woodworking catalog that contained pen-making supplies and thought they were interesting. Since I already had tools and materials on hand, I ordered some pen kits and started to build them. The kit pen making got boring very quickly, because there isn't much room for creativity. That is when I discovered Kitless pens. They call it “Kitless” because the craftsman doesn’t need use a pen kit (they make everything except for the nib). The kitless pen opens up new creative opportunities. I can make my own colors with resin, and adjust the shape and size to whatever I want.

 It is relatively easy to make a pen if you have the proper equipment and time to spare. However, it is not easy to make high quality pens, if you don't put in a lot of time and effort. I believe I have achieved a level of craftsmanship where I am proud enough to show it to you all. I am constantly looking for new ideas to improve my work, so I’ll be extremely happy to receive any comments and advice.

I am not a good writer but I do enjoy writing with my fountain pens. It feels so special when you write with a high quality fountain pen—like signing a new legislation into action as the President of United States!

Stop typing for a moment and rediscover the art of handwriting; write a journal or letter to your friends and family. Admittedly it is much slower, but it is a much needed mind relaxant after a busy day. People feel special when they receive hand written letters. You feel special when you write with your favorite pen. So, why not own a unique and special pen that is not like any other ordinary pen you can get at the corner store.

Though I’ve lived in the US for Long enough, my English comprehension is not the best. Please forgive me if you see some strange writing.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can find your favorite pen whether from me or other pen makers!

-Yoshi Nakama

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