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Stone Mask

Inspired by the stone statue of Easter Island Moai. The pen barrel, cap and section are 3D Printed in Alumide (Nylon powder and Aluminum powder mix). It feels like a granite stone. It is available in polished (smooth) and unpolished (grainy) surfaces. The polished surface is smooth but not glossy, it's more like a satin. The unpolished surface is a little bit grainy, like a freshly cut granite stone. The pen has been treated with water proofing sealant, so staining on the pen is minimized. The quality of the 3D printing is excellent, with no layer lines visible. You won't notice that it was 3D printed unless someone tells you it is. *Although it feels like a stone, it's not heavy like a stone.

The pen has been treated with waterproofing sealant. However, It's not 100% stain proof. Although stains will come off easily with a damp cloth or running water; it is a good idea to avoid dipping the section into the ink bottle if you prefer to keep the section clean for a long time. Here is the ideal ink filling method if you use a converter:

It will accept international ink cartridges, or use a cartridge converter (included).

*The photos below are polished finish.

Printing Media: Alumide
Clip style: Stone Mask
Nib: JoWo #6 Steel
Nib size: Fine, Medium, or Broad
Ink system: Cartridge/Converter
Size (approximate)
Maximum barrel diameter = 15.7 mm
capped Length = 143 mm
uncapped Length = 135 mm
Posted Length = 160 mm
Weight with converter (approximate)
Capped = 23 g
Uncapped = 15.2 g
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