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Spring Sky Sakura

*The images in this pen were laser engraved and then hand filled with pearlescent powder and resin; similar to the urushi technique called Chinkin (沈金). It's not painted or printed. The roll-stopper was 3D printed in wax then cast in silver.

Material: Cast Alumilite Resin
Clip style: Roll-Stopper
Nib: JoWo #6 Steel, 14k 0r 18k gold
Nib size: various
Ink system: Cartridge/Converter
Size (approximate)
Diameter = 15 mm
capped Length = 150 mm
uncapped Length = 137 mm
Posted Length = N.A.
Weight with converter (approximate)
Capped = 24 g
Uncapped = 18 g
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